Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Banjo Uke Restorations

Here are two banjo ukes I am restoring for customers. The first is labeled "wizard" and is made of good quality maple and rosewood. It has a seven inch head, soprano scale and all the original hardware! There is a nice maple cap on the pot and a nice rosewood fingerboard. All I had to do was change the head and strings and dress the frets. The inside is signed by the original and only owner: Louise Ward Gaylord.

The other one is one of the all aluminum dixie banjo uke.
I love the engineering on these, too bad they don't sound like much! The neck and fingerboard are all one piece cast aluminum. The tuners are integrated and so is the nut. All I had to do is change the head.


  1. Hey Aaron, just received my "two chord song book" thanks for the quick send. Its nicely done and the art work is great. Thanks.