Monday, February 15, 2010

New Banjo Uke on Ebay!

I just finished this great baritone scale banjo uke. Here is a link to the ebay auction.

It has a vintage 10 inch spun over banjo rim with a new baritone scale (19 inches) banjo/ukulele neck. It is is strung with nylon strings in re-entrant dgbe tuning, but I could also string it with steel strings if you like.

The new neck and dowel stick are made of two piece honduras mahogany with a rosewood fretboard and koa headplate. There are small brass dots at the 5,7, 10 and 12th frets. It has grover short shaft guitar style tuners with a 14:1 ratio.

The 10 inch vintage pot has new hooks, nuts, tailpiece, tension hoop, head and dowel stick hardware.

Bone nut and maple bridge.

The 10 inch pot is bigger than a banjo uke but smaller than a tenor banjo. When this is combined with the 19 inch scale, it creates a very warm and mellow banjo sound that still can cut through a jam. With the nylon strings it will feel very comfortable for any ukulele player.

The following tunings would be possible with steel strings:
cgda, dgbe, dgbe re-entrant or maybe even gdae (octave lower than mandolin)

The following tunings would be possible with nylon strings:
dgbe, eac#f# or fBbdg re-entrant or linear

and many more!

Please ask any questions, I can also send a short video of the banjo for you.

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  1. This not a very profitable post for you. But very complimentary. That is really nice work! But as a pastor and woods worker my spending is rather limited. Well done all the same.