Thursday, May 20, 2010

Musical Instrument Museum!

A couple of weeks ago Boulder Acoustic Society played at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ. It is a huge museum that includes a beautiful concert hall. Here is a video of song we sang there:

If you want to see the whole concert, you can link to it here:

We had about an hour to walk around the museum, and as a luthier and musician, I thought it was great. Someone sunk some serious money into this place and it is trully a gem. They have the instruments organized by continent and country. As you walk near a section of the museum, your headphones play audio that goes along with the appropriate video. Cool.

I took lots of photos of the many small guitar shaped instruments somewhat related to ukuleles, which was fun.

Check out this sweet Gibson Harp Guitar

And a Macaferri plastic guitar. Yes, its the same guy who made Django's guitar when he built for the Selmer company in Paris. Later, he moved to the US and made all kinds of cool plastic stuff.

And The Rickenbacker lap steel guitar, nicknamed The Fry Pan!

Here is a room of American guitars. Notice the cool Les Paul front and center. It is one of the first few ever made.

AS promised, here is a whole bunch of ukuleleish instruments from all over the world. Charango, Timple, Quatro, Tres, Cavaquino, Bandolim, etc...

Here is the ukulele section of the Hawaiian exhibit. Three Kamakas, a Kumalae and Nunes.

They also had a great section on all different styles of American music, including a mock up of a Martin guitar workshop.

MMM, Nudie suit and string band shwag:

I could have spent a whole weekend there. It was awesome. Really.

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