Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Baritone Scale Banjo Uke

Or is it a tenor banjo???

It is made out of a vintage banjo pot, a new neck and a mix of old and new hardware. All the wood is recycled or salvaged. It features:
-20 Inch scale, which is the same as a baritone ukulele. It has steel strings tuned dgbe. It can be strung with steel or nylon strings and tuned many ways. Tell me what you want and I will try to make it happen!
-2 piece flamed maple neck from an old table top
-Walnut fingerboard with brass dots, walnut headstock overlay. (from old walnut paneling)
-New Gotoh friction tuners. I will upgrade to guitar tuners ($35) or planetary banjo tuners ($50) on request.
-New hooks, nuts, end bolt, head and shoes. Original tailpiece, dowel stick hardware and tension hoop.
-All the wood is finished in a translucent black stain and hand rubbed finish that is a little bit "antiqued" to give it a vintage character.
-Bone nut and maple bridge.

On Ebay at: 220611514716