Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hoosier Hot Shots Kay Plectrum Guitar!

When we played in Eugene, OR the other day. The pickup on my electric guitar stopped working. We popped into Mckenzie river music with fingers crossed. It turns out they could fit me in that day, but we had to wait a few hours. Of course, Neil and I played all kinds of cool instruments and amps. When we were ready to go, I saw a flight case by the counter. I kicked it and asked if it was for sale. They said no, but it had a famous plectrum guitar in it. I asked to see it, and, HELLO! I recognized it as the plectrum guitar from a famous photo of The Hoosier Hotshots! The man who played it on all those great records was Ken Trietsch. This one was custom made by the Kay company and seams to be made of spruce and maple. Celluloid binding and pickguard, gold hardware, skinny maple neck, big body. A very nice guitar for a Kay! Check it out!

I have an autographed photo that belonged to my great aunt that has this guitar in it. I will post it when I get home from tour.

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  1. It is so awesome to see it in color!