Thursday, August 19, 2010

Building a uke with Gordon and Char! (Myamoe)

Hey Friends- I just got back from a tour to the northwest. During the off days we stayed with Gordon and Char from Myamoe ukuleles. As a threesome we built a uke in their shop and it turned out great! Here are some specs:
-Myrtle top, back and sides
-Walnut binding
-Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, rosewood bridge
-Soprano body with 14 fret 15inch scale
-Peghed tuners, florocarbon strings and K+K pickup

Here are some pics of the process!

The top and back thickness sanded and braced:

Bending the sides!

The ebony endgraft and the sides with blocks and linings:

Gluing the top and back on:

The fretboard, notice the side dots but no front dots:

Gluing it on:

Here is the body and neck waiting for assembly:

And clamped together!

Here it is after the 2nd coat of tru-oil finish. Check out that crazy myrtle!

Peghed tuners:

Gluing the Bridge:

Char Strumming!

You can see some final well lit pics here.

How does it sound? Well, like a soprano with a tenor hiding inside of it! More videos later, but for now, check this out!

Thanks to Gordo and Cha-re-re for their incredible generosity. I had fun and learned a ton!