Monday, December 7, 2009

My new Tiple

Well, I got my tiple strung up and its pretty cool. Instead of going with the Martin design, I chose to do this instead:
-Slightly smaller tenor size body but with full Tiple body depth.
-Scale length is one fret between concert and tenor, with the body joining at 13th fret.
-Fan braced straight grain pine top
-cherry sides and walnut back (scraps from the shop)
-Two piece mahogany neck with walnut veneer under ebony fingerboard.
-Mandolin style bridge and tailpiece

A tiple is basically a steel string ukulele with 10 strings. It sort of sounds like a mixture between a uke and a 12 string guitar.

The sound is full and has lots of overtones. Even with really low action and perfect frets it is still pretty hard to play though. I plan on letting it sit around under tension to see if it explodes before I put a few more coats of finish on it. I did epoxy the neck on, so I feel pretty good about that joint. I am interested in seeingif it is over or under braced!

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